RAPID Network Frequently Asked Questions

What is ECC’s RAPID Network for Medicare services?

The RAPID Network is a secure way to connect your facility to the Medicare resources for DDE/FISS, PPTN, CSI services, electronic claims transactions, and real-time eligibility. There are solutions for Part A, Part B and DME users with support for the single user up to hundreds of simultaneous users.

How does the RAPID Network connect my facility to the Medicare system?

The RAPID Network is configured to run over your facilities’ Internet service. Depending on the number of users that need access, we have a desktop software solution for small offices and a security device that can be used for larger facilities to support hundreds of users.

How long does it take for the RAPID Network to be installed?

We have completed some facilities in as little as 48 hours and the typical connection takes 3-5 business days.

How much does the RAPID Network service cost?

ECC has several pricing models to match your needs ranging from the single user up to unlimited user options. All of the services we offer are based on a fixed monthly fee with no additional usage or transaction charges. You will find that our pricing is one of the most affordable options for connectivity to the Medicare system. All our services are available on a month-to-month basis or an annual contract.  Annual contracts have a 5% discount off the total yearly cost.

What are DDE and FISS, PPTN and CSI?

DDE and FISS are acronyms, DDE is short for Direct Data Entry and FISS is the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System.  This is the data center for Medicare Part A and is available nationwide through RAPID Network.

PPTN is an acronym and stands for Professional Provider Telecommunications Network.  It is the data center for Medicare Part B and is not available in all states.

CSI is an acronym and stands for Claim Status Inquiry.  It is the data center for Medicare DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and is available nationwide through RAPID Network.

What can be done with the DDE/FISS service?

  • Access the Common Working File (CWF) via HIQA (Health Insurance Query Access) to find information on beneficiary entitlement, eligibility, and other insurance.
  • View a variety of files for inquiry purposes, i.e., diagnosis codes, revenue codes, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) reason codes, HCPCS Code and ICD-9 Code inquiry tables
  • Key and send claims
  • Correct, adjust and cancel claims
  • Correct claims originally submitted on paper
  • Determine DRG for Inpatient Hospital Claims
  • Track all claims through the processing system
  • View the check number, date, and amount of your last three payments
  • Verify beneficiary eligibility

What are the PC requirements to access DDE/FISS services?

The only requirement needed to access the Medicare mainframe system for these services is a 3270 emulator that supports SSL encryption and accepts digital certificates.

Does ECC provide 3270 emulator software with the RAPID Network service?

ECC will provide the necessary session settings to configure the 3270 application to connect to the Medicare mainframe. ECC can provide recommendations for 3270 emulator packages that work with the RAPID Network service including an option for a free package.

Does the RAPID Network generate Medicare claim files?

The RAPID Network only provides a secure connection to send and receive electronic claim transactions and access to DDE/FISS services. Typically all Medicare Contractors provide the use of the program PC Ace Pro32 for free that can generate 837 and 276 claim files. Once the claim files have been created then the RAPID Network can be used to FTP/SFTP the files to the Medicare Contractor for processing.

How are electronic claims sent and received on the RAPID Network?

The RAPID Network supports the use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) programs which allow the facility to send individual claim files.  The process can be scripted or batched for greater efficiency. Your billing software or practice management system may be able to support customized scripts to automate this process.

What type of support does ECC provide for the RAPID Network?

Technical support services are available to respond to any network connectivity issues. Questions regarding the use of DDE/FISS, PPTN, or CSI services or the PC Ace Pro32 program need to be directed to your facility’s Medicare Contractor.

Will my firewall or anti-virus affect the RAPID Network?

For hardware solutions (5+ users), there will be no issues. For software solutions, there are some Antivirus/Firewall software firewall packages that may need to be modified to allow the ECC VPN connection to go through.

What is Section 1011?

The RAPID Network provides connectivity for submitting your Section 1011 claims and receiving remittances through electronic file transmission.  Under Section 1011 of the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act (MMA), the United States government is required to pay eligible hospitals, physicians, and ambulance providers for any unreimbursed costs for services related to undocumented aliens.  Highmark Medicare Services is the Medicare contractor for all Section 1011 services and can provide further information and credentials upon request.