Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City began using ECC Technologies RAPID Network to connect to CMS’s Medicare system during the summer of 2005. Switching to the RAPID Network resulted in a savings for the institution of 66% for this service.

"The service ECC Technologies provided during the initial set-up and the reliability of daily connectivity has been exemplary."

- Nick Aprigliano
Senior Director, Strategic Projects Information Technology Mount Sinai Medical Center

Samaritan Hospital: "It is my responsibility to ensure that the hardware and software systems used in the financial services departments within the hospital remain operational."

"The RAPID Network solution from ECC Technologies has been just fantastic. The connectivity to Medicare has been extremely fast and reliable and has required little, if any, intervention from our end. It has dramatically increased our productivity both at the patient-admitting desk and in the billing department and I couldn't imagine how we ever got along with out it. We have been very pleased."

- Garett Hayes
Financial Systems Analyst


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